Residential Mechanical Design

All calculations and Manual D Drawings performed using ACCA approved ELITE software


Manual J Residential Load Calculation

This is a room by room calculation's based on the procedures outlined by the ACCA's Manual J-8th edition. This report will ensure that duct and run sizing will meet the needs of the loads associated with every room.This report will also help to ensure the equipment sizing is correct for the home's specific needs.

 Included with the Manual J is equipment selection based on the ACCA's Manual S procedure. (With your preferred equipment)

Manual J takes into account:

  • Actual orientation of the home
  • Insulation levels (walls, windows, doors etc.)
  • Number of occupants
  • Construction type(tightness, infiltration, basement construction etc.)
  • Local climate
  • Many other environmental and envelope factors


Manual D Duct Sizing

This report specifies duct and run sizing based on the ACCA's Manual D procedure. Manual D consists of the actual duct drawings, configuration of installation, and the sizes of ductwork and runs in a home. Manual D takes into account how the airflow will get to every room and the preasures and friction involved in getting the correct airflow to a given area.


Residential Energy Code Compliance(REScheck)

This report takes into account the envelope of the home and ensures that it will pass relevant energy codes. Should a home not meet the energy code of a given area we can certainly make suggestions to get the home to meet those standards.